Privacy Policy

Welcome to Lottery Data. In particular, please carefully read and fully understand the terms of the user service agreement before using the software.

If the user enters the registration page and checks "I have read and agreed to the EULA & Privacy Policy", it will be deemed that the user has read the content of this agreement in detail and understands and agrees to abide by the agreement. If you do not agree to any of the terms of this agreement, we may not be able to provide you with complete services.


  1. This agreement refers to the agreement entered into when you use the services provided by Lottery Data.
  2. Service: refers to the license and service provided by Lottery Data to users with the functions of information viewing, chat room, etc.
  3. User: refers to the natural person who uses Lottery Data and its services by copying, downloading, browsing or other means.
  4. Software data: refers to all kinds of data recorded by the server in the process of using Lottery Data, including but not limited to account information, chat records, behavior logs, login records and other data.

Information Collection and Use

For a better experience, while using our Service, we may require you to provide us with certain personally identifiable information, including but not limited to Installed Packages information. The information that we request will be retained by us and used as described in this privacy policy.

When you register this software, you can choose to use your mobile phone number or a unique identifier provided by a third party service as your account.

The app does use third party services that may collect information used to identify you. Link to privacy policy of third party service providers used by the app:

You can delete third-party account information through 'Options - Login account' in the APP, then your account information will be completely deleted.

Removed app authorization for Lotterydata on Facebook

  1. Use the Facebook login feature to log in to the app.
  2. Go to the App and Website Settings tab of your Facebook profile
  3. Find Lotterydata and click Remove App

After the removal is successful, if you need to use your Facebook account to log in to Lotterydata again, you need to re-authorize.

Service content

  1. We grant you a personal, non transferable, revocable, non sublicense and non exclusive license, which can only be used in accordance with the scope and manner of this Agreement and other agreements, business rules and notices, and shall not be used for commercial purposes.
  2. The scope of license includes:
    1. Receive, download, install, start, upgrade, log in, display, run and screen capture;
    2. Create a user account, set a nickname, check the user's personal data, and use the chat function;
    3. Use one or more other features that Lottery Data supports and allows.
  3. We provide services for users by connecting to the Internet through server-side equipment. In addition, the equipment related to the service (such as computers, modems and other devices related to Internet access) and the expenses required (such as telephone charges and Internet charges paid for accessing the Internet) shall be borne by the users themselves.

Statement of Rights

  1. Our services include but are not limited to: software, programs, documents, interface design, layout framework, icons, trademarks, etc. In addition to software, technology and content authorized by third parties, these contents belong to Lottery Data and are protected by relevant international treaties and intellectual property laws and regulations. However, the rights that the third party should enjoy in accordance with the laws and regulations are still owned by the original obligee.
  2. In spite of other provisions of this agreement, the ownership and intellectual property rights of game data generated by you in using Lottery Data service belong to Lottery Data, and Lottery Data has the right to save and dispose of the game data to the extent permitted by law.

Limitation of Rights

  1. You are not allowed to reverse engineer, decompile or disassemble lotus data and this service, and you are not allowed to change any resources compiled in the program file.
  2. Component segmentation: you shall not separate each part (including but not limited to all services related to the service, electronic documents, copyright, trademark, this Agreement and any statement, etc.) for any purpose.
  3. Individual authorization: without the prior consent of Lottery Data and the written authorization and license of Lottery Data, you are not allowed to sell, copy or distribute this service for any commercial purpose.
  4. Reserved rights: all other rights not explicitly authorized in this Agreement shall remain the property of Lottery Data, and you shall not have the right to use them without the prior written consent of Lottery Data.

Account registration

  1. When you use the services provided by us, you may need to register your account. During the registration process, you may be required to provide some of your information. The information you promise to provide is true, complete and valid. Otherwise, you may not be able to successfully register your account, and you may be restricted in using our services.
  2. When you use a third-party account to register your account, you agree that we may collect the third-party account information related to login, so as to complete the registration for you.
  3. What you set up when using the service, including but not limited to user name, nickname, role name, base name, etc., shall not violate the provisions of laws and regulations, shall not infringe upon other people's intellectual property rights, reputation rights and other legitimate rights and interests, and shall not contain "pornography", "violence", "terrorism", "war theme", "racial discrimination", directly or indirectly insult him Bad people or words prohibited by laws and regulations.
  4. The ownership of the game account you registered with Lottery Data belongs to Lottery Data. After the registration application is passed, you will have the right to use the account. Lottery Data has the right to withdraw the account number you use according to the legal provisions, regulatory requirements and business needs.
  5. Lottery Data has the right to review the information and information submitted by you and decide whether to approve your registration application. Lottery Data has the right not to register in case of using false information, malicious registration, infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others, or using the above-mentioned unhealthy or prohibited words by laws and regulations. If the registered account number has been registered, Lottery Data has the right to give warning, correct within a time limit, temporarily stop, cancel the account number, and take back the account number.

User account usage and storage

  1. Users have the right and responsibility for the behavior of their account after login.
  2. When you find that the account number or password is illegally used by others or has abnormal use, you should timely inform us according to the processing method announced by us, and submit relevant materials, and have the right to inform us to take measures to suspend the login and use of the account. After receiving your notice and verifying your identity, we will take corresponding restrictive measures (including but not limited to suspending the login and use of the account) according to your requirements. If any measures are taken according to your requirements and cause losses to you and other users, you shall bear the responsibility. If you do not provide the personal valid identity document or the personal valid identity document provided by the user is inconsistent with the registered identity information, we have the right to refuse the user's above request, and the loss caused thereby shall be borne by you personally.
  3. It is forbidden to sell, transfer, lend or share the account or password to others. We are not responsible for any consequences arising from the illegal use of the user's account number or password due to the user's negligence in custody or any third party's behavior.

Rights of users

  1. Users may use the services provided by us in accordance with this Agreement and other rules published and changed by us from time to time.
  2. Users have the right to supervise whether we provide services to users in accordance with the published standards during the use of the services provided by us, and can also provide us with opinions and suggestions related to the services at any time.
  3. If the user disagrees with the terms of this agreement, or disagrees with the terms of the subsequent modification and update of the agreement, or is not satisfied with the service provided by us, the user can choose to stop using our service at any time. If users choose to stop using our services, we will no longer assume any obligations and responsibilities to users.

User code of conduct

  1. Users need to obtain the genuine service provided by us from our official channel or our authorized cooperation channel.
  2. We reserve the right to update, replace and modify the service at any time.
  3. Users agree to regulate their behaviors in accordance with various rules published or changed by us from time to time, including this agreement, so as to accept and use our services. Users have the right and responsibility for the behavior of their account.
  4. During the use of the account, the user shall abide by the laws and regulations related to the Internet information release and the generally applicable Internet general ethics and etiquette norms, and the user will bear the responsibility for the information content released by the user.
  5. The user agrees to abide by the laws, regulations and implementation measures related to computer and Internet. We may terminate the service without reasonable notice to the user in any serious violation of the law.
  6. Users shall not use the products or services to engage in the following behaviors, including but not limited to:
    1. Endangering national security, divulging state secrets, subverting state power and destroying national unity;
    2. Damaging the honor and interests of the state;
    3. Inciting national hatred or discrimination;
    4. Undermining the state's religious policy;
    5. Spreading rumors and disturbing social order;
    6. Disseminating Obscene, pornographic, gambling, violence, homicide, terrorist information or abetting a crime;
    7. Insulting, slandering or maliciously attacking others with words, infringing upon the legitimate rights and interests of others;
    8. Infringing the intellectual property rights, copyright or public/private rights of any third party;
    9. Violating human morality, customs and habits;
    10. Containing other contents prohibited by laws and regulations;
    11. Others use the service in any illegal way, for any illegal purpose, or in any way inconsistent with this agreement.
  7. Users shall not copy, copy or sell any part of the services or services provided by us, or use our services for investigation, advertising or other commercial purposes, unless we have other applicable guidelines or regulations for specific services.
  8. When using our services, you are not allowed to obtain the service source code through reverse engineering, disassembly, decompilation or other similar behaviors.
  9. It is illegal to use other people's account to steal or harass others. Users are not allowed to steal other users' accounts and harass others by testing, cheating and other illegal means.
  10. This service has been tested in detail, but we do not guarantee that it is fully compatible with all software, hardware and systems. In case of incompatibility or other problems you may encounter during use, please contact us for technical support. If the problem cannot be solved, you can choose to terminate the service.

Suspension and termination of services

  1. If a user releases illegal information, seriously violates social morality, or violates other prohibited provisions of the law, we have the right to immediately terminate the service provided to the user.
  2. We have the right to terminate the service provided to the user in case of improper behavior when accepting our service.
  3. If the user provides false registered identity information or violates this agreement, we have the right to stop providing all or part of the service to the user; we should inform the user of the suspension measures and inform the user of the suspension period, and we will resume the service to the user in time when the suspension period expires.

Other agreements

  1. This Agreement shall come into effect on the date when the user downloads and opens the software, reads and clicks the "agree" button. Even if the user does not complete the account registration, but obtains and uses the service provided by us in any other way, this Agreement shall be deemed to be signed and effective on the date when the user obtains and uses the service.
  2. According to the development of the Internet and the changes of relevant laws, regulations and normative documents, or due to the needs of business development, we have the right to modify or change the terms of this agreement. We will publish the amended or changed agreement on the official website, which is deemed to have informed you of the modification or change. If you continue to use our services, you will be deemed to have accepted the modification or change of this agreement.